Big Picture

Q: Why do you have to build on this land at all? Why couldn't it be a park?

Q. Why is this referred to as a mixed-use development, and what are the benefits?

Q: What is the density of this neighborhood? Is it measured by units/acre or beds/acre?

Q: What is the existing zoning and allowed density?

Q: Are any variances being requested?

Q: How much open space is required and how much is being provided?

Q: What types of spaces are there for kids to play? Is there a playground?

Q: How does the lake fit in to this development?

Q: Who will maintain the roads? Plow the snow? Pick up trash?

Q: How did you choose the street location?

Q: What are the public benefits of the Lakes Neighborhood?

Q: Are the green spaces and bodies of water public?

Q: What are public benefits of the neighborhood’s commercial space?


Q: Will Renaissance be building the homes? If not, will the builders be local?

Q: What are the basic guidelines/requirements for the single-family homes?

Q: What is the quality of the homes?

Q: As a homebuyer, do I have any input on the style of the home?

Q: What will the commercial buildings and plaza look like?

Q: What will the commercial space look like?

Q: What will the apartments look like?


Q: Will the Lakes Neighborhood meet all environmental standards set in the city/county ordinance? Will any variances be requested?

Q: How will the community deal with storm flooding?

Q: Will an erosion and sedimentation control plan be implemented for construction activities, reducing soil erosion and downstream pollution?

Q: Will native trees be conserved? How many trees will be removed?

Q: What kind of chemicals will be used in Howard Lake?

Q: Will an ecological consultant assist on any part of the project?